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    CaptainU Works

    Since 2008, more than a million athletes and college coaches have used CaptainU.

  • We Believe in Self Marketing

  • Transparent, Affordable Pricing

  • We Know What It Takes

  • A Single Network

  • We're Accountable To You

Meet Some of Our Members

Haley Committed DI

Aren's Mom, Karen Committed DI

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Shannon Committed DIII

Brian Committed DIII

Cassidy Active recruit
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Jonah Committed DI

Jordan Active recruit

Patrick Committed DI

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Ashley's mom Active recruit

Madelyn Committed DII

Channing Committed NAIA

"I liked the ease of being able to research college programs and teams directly from CaptainU."

Mia Committed DI

Beatriz Committed NJCAA

"CaptainU is a great way to get in touch with a vast amount of schools and coaches."

Sarah Committed DI

Austin Committed DIII

"CaptainU provided a great, organized method to reach college coaches."

Mitch Committed DIII

Scottie Committed DIII

Vincent Committed DIII

Miranda Committed DII

Brandon Committed DI

"It's very easy to use, and allows you to not miss any information needed for recruiting."

Nicholas Committed DI

Hunter Committed NAIA
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Whitney's Dad, Marco Committed DI

Ursula's Dad, Ricardo Committed DIII

Collin Committed DIII

Elin Committed DI

Mackenzie Committed DI

Christian's Father, Gary Committed NJCAA

Brendan Committed DI


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  • Show Who You Are

    Build a profile with all your stats, pictures and videos. It’s a resume for recruiting.

  • Find Colleges That Fit

    Learn about colleges and build a list of schools that fit academically, socially, and athletically.

  • Track Your Progress

    CaptainU checklists help you understand how you're doing and what you should do next.

  • Build Relationships

  • Track Coach Activity

College Coaches

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  • Complete Recruiting Software

  • Search for New Athletes

  • Send, Receive, Organize

  • Manage Compliance

  • Get Insights To Improve

  • Market Your Camp

    Promote your ID camp to CaptainU athletes and find your next great player.

Event Directors

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We're Your Biggest Fans


Meet our support team: Avi, Jeff, Megan, Emily, Eric, and Anne.

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